• Entirely Configurable with Zero Customization
• Super Easy to Use
• HR Friendly Reporting on ANYTHING-ANYWHERE
• TIMELINE - Complete History on ALL Employee Data



Enterprise Payroll Power for SMBs!

  • Easy Configuration.
  • Historical Analysis.
  • Process Automation.

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Simply Hire the Best!

  • Online Posting Approval.
  • Applicant Tracking System.
  • Social Media Integration.

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Aperio HR

Hardcore HR Fundamentals are deep-rooted at every stage of AperioHR. Made by HR Pros for HR practitioners at any level.

Way more than just a fancy online employee directory!

  • Robust HR Functionality that’s easy to use.
  • Manage employees and positions directly from the Org Chart
  • Configurable organization structures and position information

That’s Easy!

Aperio Performance

Aperio Performance, your toolbox to build and manage a championship team. Make no compromises while taking your performance review online because every little detail matters.

Align employee activities with corporate goals

  • Have information on top-performers at your fingertips.
  • Avoid surprises, track milestones towards goal achievement throughout the performance cycle
  • Cultivate a high performance work culture.

That’s Easy!

Workforce Management

Prevent Errors in time tracking by automating your Workforce Process!

  • Time and Attendance.
  • Employee Scheduling.
  • Time Allocation and Job Costing.
  • Absence Management.

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Aperio is the most flexible HR Software Solution available in the market. With Zero Customization required, Aperio gives you the power to configure the system that suits your needs.

Most Companies want a configurable system without the cost and pain of customization.

  • Experience “that’s easy” freedom.
  • Make changes without IT’s help.
  • Flexibility Without customization.


Aperio packs a punch with an enterprise report writer that comes as a standard feature. Giving you a handful of templates to generate reports is NOT our idea of Reporting.

Generate ad-hoc reports that matter from anywhere in the system. Now, that’s POWERFUL.

  • Whip up regular or advanced reports in minutes.
  • Appreciate the potential of big data minus the stress.
  • Become independent of IT and create your own reports.
  • Never be late or forget to send-out reports again with automated scheduled delivery.


Keep history on everything and report on information at any point in time.

Point in time reporting has never been this effortless before.

  • At a glance view of an employee’s entire history with the company
  • Configurable descriptions for timeline changes
  • Zoom in to see the details

Aperio vs HR Software

Makes People Management easy!
Typical HR Software
Makes simple Data Management easy!
  • ROI
  • • Fully Configurable
    • Create fields on the fly
  • • ALL your HR needs - Simple to Complex
    • Global HRMS/HCMS
    • People Management
    • Multiple Outputs (PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV)
    • Auto Report Scheduling & Delivery
  • • Superior ROI for People Management
  • • Intuitive User Interface
  • • Available SaaS or License
  • • Partially Customizable
    • Limited fields
  • • Limited HR Capabilities
    • Online Spreadsheet Consolidation
    • Data Management
  • • Template Based Report Library
    • Export data BACK to SPREADSHEETS
    • Manual Report Generation
  • • Great ROI for Data Management
  • • Logical User Interface
  • • Available SaaS only

Let us help you decide!

Download an HR Solution MUST-HAVES Checklist below   DOWNLOAD PDF  Print it



  • Role Based Security
  • Row and Column (Field Level) Based Security
  • Cloud Deployment (SaaS)
  • Scheduled Reporting
Expand all Features Foundation
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • Report Library
  • Global
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-company
  • Document Management
  • Workflows
  • Data Import Utility
  • Data Export Capabilities
  • Built-in Scheduler
  • Questionnaire Builder
  • Performance Template Designer
  • Employee Self Service
  • Manager Self Service
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • ConfigurableFields and Tables
  • ConfigurableEmail Alerts
  • Timelines – Complete visual history on ALL Tables
Hide all Features Foundation


  • Org Chart
  • Drag and Drop Position Assignment
  • Configurable Views
  • Drill-down to employee or position details
Expand all Features Foundation
  • Employee Profiles
  • Unlimited Configurable Accrual Plans
  • New Hire Workflow
  • Termination Workflow
  • Absence Management
  • Vacation Calendar
  • Online Absence Request and Approvals
  • Multiple Position Tracking
  • Extensive Position Management
  • Flexible Position Control
  • Enforced Position Control
  • Cost Allocations
  • Full Incumbent History
Hide all Features Foundation

Performance Management

  • Online 360 Degree Performance Review
  • Unlimited Configurable Performance Template
  • Drill-down Dashboards
  • 9 Grid Performance V/S Potential Matrix
Expand all Features Foundation
  • Cascading Goal Management
  • Milestone Management
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Per Emp/Month
Per Emp/Month
Actual No.
of Employee
Per Month
  • ≤ 100 $5.00 $4.00 $
  • ≤ 250 $4.00 $2.00 $
  • ≤ 500 $3.75 $1.88 $
  • ≤ 750 $3.50 $1.75 $
  • ≤ 1000 $3.25 $1.63 $
  • More than 1000 CONTACT US


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