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Social Media Recruitment works the best when you know what you want to achieve out of it. Objectives may differ from company to company or even recruiter to recruiter from building talent pool, c

Businesses often hire consultants, spend thousands of dollar in creating that perfect performance appraisal metrics, fuel it with energy, time and money and then at some point render it into Dysfuncti

So, you are using Social Media for recruitment. GREAT! But are you seeing the results? It is crucial to evaluate and optimize the social recruiting plan to get the most out of your online efforts

Is your Human Resource Department impacting the bottom-line? 2. Do you know how productive your Human Resource Capital Investment is? 3. Are your Human Resource Department’s goals and obje

“Employee Engagement is a key to stay competitive and improving your bottom line.”   On average, 1 in 3 employees are engaged at the workplace, i.e. 33%. This number plays a rol