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During the holiday season, you may need to hire extra labor. The strength of your brand is essential when hiring quality people to work for your company. There are some who only think of a brand as so

The thought of a promotion keeps millions of hardworking professionals up at night. You may have been given the advice to always keep one eye tilted up at the next rung on the ladder, and now, you'

Mankind has always looked to the horizon and seen the future emblazoned in star fire. From science fiction novels depicting a cosmic paradise, to feature films dedicated to robotic enslavement - artif

When a new hire starts working for a company, a lot of things are going through his or her mind. As an HR professional, it's important to learn what those things are so you can better hire, train

Witches, goblins and vampires are common images this time of year. While it is all in good fun today, dressing in frightening costume once had a serious and practical purpose. Historically, All Hallow