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Holidays and Human Resources go hand in hand.  And not because HR is being required to put on an event for the employees. Holidays and Human Resources go hand in hand because holidays present HR

We all know that happy employees are more productive, provide better customer service, tend to go above and beyond, and use less sick days.  We also know that not all employees are motivated by t

One of the nagging issues with startup companies is how to best distribute their startup capital.  There are so many aspects of the business that need attention such as marketing, public relation

Supervising employees is hard enough when they are in close proximity.  So much of supervising is done by use of visual contact; seeing the person working at their station. Supervising is also re

Many of us in the working world do not often have the luxury of being able to change our jobs to fit our lifestyles, unfortunately.  We often have to pay a mortgage, feed our children, and balanc