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If your company had a personality, what would it be; fun, serious, outgoing, stoic, playful,  or professional or would your company scream boring?  Whether you realize it or not, every compa

Having a business represents a number of risks to the owner.  When you throw employees into the mix your risk of lawsuits and claims grows by leaps and bounds.   Keeping a vigil eye ove

Many small businesses think of a Human Resource Software solution as a DIY concept.  When asked, many small business owners shy away from Human Resource software technology. They believe a simple

From the standpoint of the employer, employee referrals are a great way for their current employees that have already passed company standards to introduce the company potential employees.  The i

With every emerging generation, there are general characteristics that are used to describe the work ethic and workplace behaviors of the up and coming generation.  Millennials are no exception t