2017 is an exciting new year full of possibilities and opportunities. If you're professionally-minded with your eyes on career advancement, 2017 is a great time to acquire invaluable career-boosting skills that will take your life's work to the next level.


Public Speaking

You never know when you'll have to speak in front of a group, at a meeting, or simply among your co-workers. Everyone can use some additional public speaking skills, if only for the sake of becoming a better communicator. In the workplace, it's important to get your voice heard, and excellent speaking skills will keep you at the top of your game. For startup founders, seeking funding and meeting with clients is a huge part of what ultimately brings success to the business. With public speaking skills, you'll have no problem confidently communicating with employees, clients and anyone else in the professional realm.



Whether you take on side projects over the internet, get involved in volunteering, or simply focus on collaborating with co-workers, the ability to work with others is an invaluable skill. Working effectively with others involves not only providing valuable expertise but also gracefully conceding to others, even when their ideas may seem less than ideal. If you can show on your resume that you work wonderfully with people, you'll be much more likely to land a job or advance in the workplace.


Social Media Marketing

Although companies often have a specific team dedicated to marketing, you can still make heavy use of the tips and tricks to get your information out in the hands of many. With social media and the internet, marketing will keep you relevant in your industry and in the minds of potential employers. If you can publish a regular blog with helpful and informative content, you'll appear both knowledgeable and excited about your career while driving traffic to your website. This is something the self-employed must take full advantage of, but in-house employees, HR professionals, and especially startup founders should absolutely leverage the power of social media as well.


Technological Proficiency

From understanding code to dabbling in graphic design, a professional should be well-rounded in the world of tech, in addition to their unique area of expertise. If you aren't working in tech, consider picking up some basic knowledge regarding what it takes to build an app, develop a website, or even code a simple program. In fact, professionals working in HR and management should absolutely gain knowledge in tech if only to have more informed discussions with their employees. They should follow the latest technology trends and keep themselves updated with up and coming technology advances.  When interviewing applicants, buying software solutions and managing employees, it pays to understand tech.



Whether you'd like to secure funding, solve workplace problems, or simply persuade co-workers to consider your idea, sales skills are absolutely invaluable in any workplace. While you may not literally sell products in your day-to-day working life, it's an essential skill for moving up the career ladder, asking for a raise, and ultimately securing any sort of funding in entrepreneurial situations.