Payroll Software & Services Canada


Our payroll solution is a cloud-based, fully configurable solution designed for companies of any size or industry. Whether you’re a small, medium or enterprise organization, and whether you’re not-for-profit, private sector or public sector, whether you’re unionized or non-unionized, and whether you’re a local, national or global business, Aperio|Pay has the flexibility to handle your every payroll need. Some of Aperio|Pay’s benefits include:

  • Flexible & configurable calculation & rules engine
  • Handles complex payroll and tax rules
  • Process, reprocess or refresh gross to net as many times as necessary
  • Off cycle and retro pays
  • Configure Groups of Earning & Deduction codes for easier setup of new hires
  • Pay employees by direct deposit or cheques
  • Print, email or provide access online to payslips
  • Automated ROE process to Service Canada ROE Web
  • T4, T4A's and Releve 1's available for year-end processing
  • Import time from 3rd party systems or enter time manually
  • Interfaces to all major banks for direct deposits
  • Create GL files for interface to Financials