The HRWARE recruiting and on-boarding software suite is easy to implement and use. Designed for HR professionals and their cross-functional stakeholders, HRWARE Recruitment is loaded with configurable features to provide end-to-end, online recruiting and on-boarding workflow coverage. By automating the repetitive aspects of the recruitment process, empowering your team with HRWARE’s self-serve features, and leveraging reports and data in your decision-making, you can carve out more time to focus on strategic HR projects. Use HRWARE On-boarding to formalize and track the completion of the cross-departmental new hire tasks and responsibilities.

Reduce Hiring Costs

Streamline and automate the entire recruiting process with HRWARE's end-to-end recruitment solution – from candidate sourcing to screening, hiring, and on-boarding. Our online recruitment software improves the efficiency and effectiveness with plug and play modules, screening tools and templates that help you rate and screen candidates automatically.

Automate the hiring process

The Applicant Tracking System allows recruiters to automate the hiring process by creating several workflows. It allows recruiters to track a candidate at every level of the hiring process from interviewing to on-boarding. ATS also facilitates integrated notes, approvals and communication tools for recruiters ensuring a smooth communication flow.

Eliminate Double Entry

HRWARE's Applicant Tracking System connects Recruitment to HRMS, and Workforce Management to reduce errors from job postings through to hiring and onboarding. Whether you post on your website, social networking communities, job boards such as Monster, Workopolis, CareerBuilder, SimplyHired, and others we make it easy and error free by eliminating double entry. Information for new hires is automatically passed to other parts of your organization for efficient setup of employee data, benefits, payroll, or other HR processes.

Promote your Corporate Brand

HRW@RE Recruiting system includes a built-in set of features that allow you to promote your corporate brand. You can brand your career opportunities page on your website without worrying about a complicated candidate experience. You can also setup a Facebook careers page and Twitter channel to get a larger percentage of job seekers to notice your opportunities, get your employees to refer more often, and show what you are offering with pride.

Simplify the Application and Search Process

Candidates can easily manage their profile and resumes after a single registration. Using powerful filter capabilities, candidate resumes become instantly searchable – allow hiring managers, and HR staff to quickly and easily find high quality applicants, as well as schedule activities and resources with the built-in integration with Microsoft Outlook, and Lotus Notes.