Aperio RW packs a punch with an enterprise report writer that comes as a standard feature. In order to be truly strategic in HR, you need to focus on numbers that impact the bottom-line. You need a report writer that takes you beyond a handful of canned reporting templates, you need Aperio RW.

Merge your data into Pixel-Perfect Forms

  • Automate the complex task of merging into pixel-perfect PDF, RTF and Excel forms
  • Create and upload your own documents or populate pre-existing forms like Employee Profiles or other pixel-perfect output

Automated Report Scheduler

  • Run reports at a predetermined time to be automatically sent to email without any manual intervention.
  • Generate reports in a variety of output modes such as: PDF (with password protection), HTML, Excel RTF, and CSV
  • One time set-up for reports parameters like time periods, recurrence, recipients, etc.

Charting and Graphing with Drill Downs

  • Link multiple charts and tabular reports to create drill downs allowing users to have a complete overview of important data.
  • Create a variety of charts and graphs from pie charts to 2D pyramids to 3Dsplines-box reports.


  • 100% browser-based support for iPad, iPhone and Android devices
  • Interactive dashboard with customizable user interface
  • Multi-lingual including those with foreign character sets

Other Features & Options