Flexible. Extensible. Configurable.

There has been a long overdue request of growing businesses to eliminate the need for customization due to its complexity and high cost. HRWARE HAS DELIVERED.

Aperio is powered with FLEXify a unique technology that combines the FLexibility of Configuration and the technology of EXtensibility to completely eliminate the need for customization.

Till now, Extensibility has been a top-of-the-line feature, offered at a premium rate, exclusively by Tier 1 companies. However, the power of scalability that Extensibility offers is no longer restricted to the Fortune 500's. Aperio comes with Extensibility at no additional cost to make it a unique HR system that "truly" grows with you. Configurability empowers users with supreme flexibility without incurring the ridiculously high cost and time of customization

  • Configure Aperio to adapt to your business processes and not vice versa
  • Bring down the cost and time of implementing a customized solution
  • Aperio grows with you to handle the simplest to the most complex of HR needs