Human Resource Management System

Hard-core HR fundamentals are deep-rooted at every stage of AperioHR. It is designed to give you the flexibility to easily manage the simplest to the most complex of your HR needs.

Org Chart

AperioHR enables users to create stunning Org Charts to visually represent the entire company structure. Drag and Drop functionality makes it extremely easy and intuitive to use.

  • View and work with position reporting structures through the Org Chat
  • Drill-down to employee, or position
  • Configure the display options to take full control of information you want to show in the Org Chart


Most organizations have HR processes that are repeated on a regular basis; you can automate those processes and ensure that none of the steps are missed or skipped.

  • New Hire Workflow to automate the on-boarding process
  • Termination Workflow to follow company compliance of terminating an employee
  • Approval Workflow to enable employees to request vacations or other absences.

People Management

People Management lets you store and manage all your people information in one place. AperioHR empowers you to configure the system to track and report on any employee data you need.

  • Create unlimited fields and report on them
  • Self Service feature allows employees and managers access to their own data as well as select data about those employees that report to them.
  • Use extensive Position Management functionality to develop and manage positions and structures across the workforce

Absence Management

Employees can easily track their paid time off (PTO), place a request for absence to managers and get notified on the status. Managers have access to absence requests and can view a calendar of absences for their direct reports..

  • Configure AperioHR to sync with your company's absence management policy
  • Configure unlimited absence plans
  • Report on vacations and absences across the workforce, in one place.

Tasks, Calendar& Documents

Never miss an important company event or a pending task with AperioHR. Your homepage includes Tasks, Announcements, a Calendar of Absences, as well as access to any important Documents you wish to provide to your employees.. Tasks like Performance Reviews and Absence Approvals display on the home page Display important documents like Code of Conduct, Employee Handbook or Benefits Guide. Post announcements about interesting events for everyone to see.


AperioHR has been designed with global HR practises in mind. Be it start-ups, growing companies or multi-national corporations, HR Management systems with global functionality are the need of the hour. AperioHR is one system that truly grows with you whether it's local, national or global expansion.

  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-currency
  • Global functionality (i.e. National Identifiers, Address formats etc.)


Complete history on ALL employee and position data. Each time data is added or modified during the course of an employee's employment with the company, AperioHR's Timeline keeps a record of the change and creates an event on a graphical timeline form. Whether a position is changed in name only or as a result of a corporate restructure, Timeline keeps track of what happened and makes the information easily available – past, present or future.

  • View historical progression of what has changed over time
  • Record the date when the change in an event actually took effect
  • Visual graphical timeline displays historical data with configurable descriptions