Performance Management

Aperio PM is designed to meet the needs of growing businesses to efficiently manage the performance of their people with unparalleled scope of flexibility and powerful functionality.

360° Performance Reviews

Configure the Performance Review Cycles to match your performance evaluation metrics with AperioPM. Automate the entire review process with workflows and templates to make it a fair, transparent and hassle-free practice.

  • Create questionnaires targeted towards supervisors, peers and individuals for self-review
  • Configure workflows to create questionnaire, bulk assign reviews, capture reviews and score them
  • Align performance or potential scores with the review questionnaire
  • Dynamically sync goals into performance reviews and track individual's progress on assigned goals

Goal Management

Individual goals need to be aligned with the corporate mission and vision. Aperio PM's Goal Management helps you assign individual goals and track them. It breeds a culture of accountability where the achievers are rewarded and strugglers are identified to take necessary measures.

  • Create goals for multiple levels including corporate, department and employee
  • Align employee goals to Organization Unit goals
  • Configure workflow to trigger automated process of goal assignment, approval or request for change or update
  • Bulk assignment of library goals to employees by supervisor or organisation's unit

Employee Performance

Are your people performing to their full potential? It is imperative to measure an individual's performance based on their skills set, competencies and potential. A quality employee performance process will help you field the right person at the right job to trap full potential of an individual.

  • Striking graphical representation of 9-Grid Performance versus Potential metric for each employee
  • Spot the star performers and non-performers with supreme ease
  • Identify and relate competencies with specific job titles and measure performance for true evaluation of potential