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The importance of satisfying the requirement of SMBs to manage the IT and HR related service needs of their people was our foremost priority in the design of the MMP people management solution. The creation of a user interface that would entice tech savvy and non-tech savvy users alike to habitually take advantage of the conveniences that MMP has to offer is a key a priority in our product design strategy.


We empowers Employees to more easily to perform the tasks they need to do in a smart way. With direct integration to the Microsoft cloud and Office 365 MMP is a single integrated portal to efficiently manage information, Office 365 licensing and application allocation. Employees can request leave, track their leave allowance, upload their employee information documents, and self-manage personal information including addresses and emergency contacts. Check In and Check out with location services can help them keep track of their time and location easily. They can also track all changes to their employee related information, so they have a complete audit during their time as an employee.


Managers are able to receive and deal with leave requests quickly and easily, with the ability to see if there are potential overlaps between their staff when a request comes in. They can easily manage company related information for their people, whilst the employee manages their own personal details. Location tracking is invaluable for ensuring that people are where they are supposed to be and provides a time-based trace enabling a more effective way to track peoples time on site with clients or customers.


  • Flexible & configurable calculation & rules engine
  • Handles complex payroll and tax rules
  • Process, reprocess or refresh gross to net as many times as necessary
  • Off cycle and retro pays
  • Configure Groups of Earning & Deduction codes for easier setup of new hires
  • Pay employees by direct deposit or cheques
  • Print paystubs or provide access online
  • Automated ROE process to Service Canada ROE Web

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