• 1994 HRWARE founded by Alfred, Kathy & Tony

    HRWARE signs exclusive deal with the UK’s PWA and enters HRIS market providing Canada’s first truly MS Windows-based HR solution
  • 2000 Great Plains acquires PWA

    HRWARE awarded HR Reseller Excellence Award by Great Plains
  • 2001Microsoft acquires Great Plains

    HRWARE awarded Microsoft Partner Excellence Award for HR & Payroll
  • 2006

    HRWARE becomes US based NuView’s first and only Canadian HRIS Supplier.
  • 2006-11

    HRWARE evolves, becoming one of Canada’s best HR systems integrators and single source providers of fully integrated Human Capital Management Systems.
  • 2012

    Winner of Brampton Outstanding Business Achievement Award for the category of Information & Communication Technology
  • 2014

    HRWARE extends its evolution, deciding to develop its own Human Capital Management Software solution.
  • 2015

    Released Beta version of Aperio, first client implementation commenced.
  • 2016

    Added Performance module to Aperio
  • 2017

    Mobile functionality added to Aperio .
  • 2018

    HRWARE develops Aperio Pay to better service the Canadian market.
  • 2019

    HRWARE provides Managed Payroll Services to Canadian businesses of all sizes
  • 2020

    HRWARE becomes Canada’s premiere reseller of Manage My People (MMP), HR software designed for small business and integrated with Aperio Pay.

Your Success is Our Success

Our customers rely on the commitment and expertise of our certified experts in Human Resources and Payroll so they can focus on what they do best.


Canadian profit and non-profit organizations depend us to deliver the solutions, services and expertise they need to more effectively and efficiently manage their business. HRWARE really helps them simplify their day-to-day HR and Payroll related tasks.

Over 25 Years of Successfully Delivering Outstanding, Affordable, Technology and Services

Our quarter century plus of experience in the industry has taught us more than a thing or two about satisfying the needs of our Canadian HR and Payroll clients, big or small. Our expertise in HR and Payroll will keep you synchronized and compliant with current legislation and best practices while allowing you to make the most, of the skills and knowledge of your employees while keeping them engaged with the success of your organization. Our satisfied clients include some of the best-known companies in Canada and around the world.
They appreciate the added value that HRWARE brings to their management team via:
  • Certified HR and Payroll consultants
  • Proven project management expertise
  • Commitment to support that is unsurpassed
  • Technology solutions with a realizable ROI

Our Values

Our Business
HRWARE conducts business by applying the highest standards of ethical behavior and business judgement. By providing our clients with high quality insightful expertise and innovative solutions, our clients will succeed and HRWARE will grow. We will work to produce solid earnings and a fair profit, with results that meet the expectations.
Our Clients
At HRWARE, we treat our clients fairly, honestly and with respect and dignity. We interact with clients in a professional and courteous manner. Our clients know they can count on the integrity of HRWARE and on the high quality of our people, services and products. We conduct ourselves professionally, promise only what we can deliver and deliver what we promise. Honesty, integrity and ethics are never compromised. We will determine our clients' needs by listening. When we can meet these needs, we will do so; when we cannot, we will tell them we cannot or we will tell them who can. When in doubt about how to treat a client, we will do what we believe is right. When working with clients we will be pleasant, courteous and accurate; smile, act professionally and enjoy ourselves. Attitudes are contagious.
Our Employees
HRWARE is an equal opportunity employer and strives to treat its employees with respect and dignity. HRWARE is committed to capitalizing on the diversity of its employees and recognizes that its diverse workforce provides many benefits including creativity, variety in approaches to problem solving and the ability to work effectively as a Canadian company. HRWARE recognizes the importance of its people. To that end, we set out to provide our employees with a healthy, safe and secure work environment. HRWARE will attract, develop, promote and retain the most outstanding people and we will value and respect each person. HRWARE will promote open and honest communication and actively facilitate the flow of information and learning.


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