People Management (HR) Solutions for Small to Medium Businesses

People Friendly

Tech-savy or not, ALL of your employees and managers will enjoy how easy it is to access their work and staff related information with MMP. Microsoft Cortana integration means that your people can input and access information simply by asking the Cortana digital assistant to do things like book leave, get vacation days left and much more.

For Employees

Your People Can

  • Manage their personal profiles
  • Make leave requests
  • Access and view important documents
  • Check-in/check-out from any work location
  • Complete their timesheets
  • Sign e-documents as requested

For Managers

Managers Can

  • Do everything an employee can
  • Create new employees
  • Access their peoples' work related information
  • Manage Approval requests
  • Push forms and other documents to their staff
  • View the company orgchart and analytical reports

Other Features

Special Features to Manage

  • Staff Working From Home and Remotely
  • Your Company Profile
  • Office 365 License Management
  • ​Custom Fields Unique to Your Business
  • Vacation and Absence
  • Timesheets

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